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5 of the best palm phone cases for iPhone & Samsung

Looking to brighten up your day (and those around you)? A totally tropical palm case for your phone can do just that. If you have an iPhone or a Samsung then you are in luck.

Let’s have a look at our top 5 Palm Phone cases for iPhone and Samsung

Top 5 best palm phone cases

5: Snazzy Palms Phone case

Coming in at number 5 is the Snazzy Palms phone case. We love the 2 tone pallet and the mixed media on this specific design from Paradise Lane.

Snazzy Palms Phone Case

4: Exotic Summer Palms Phone Case

Our number 4 entry is the Exotic Summer Palms phone case. Fusing a neon stylised design with classic palm leaves, this design totally captures the first day of vacay as the sun begins to set.

Exotic Summer Palms Phone Case

3: Cute Palm Trees Phone Case

In at number 3 is the simple yet calming Cute Palm Trees phone case. The pattern gives a sense of gentle swaying palms in the summer. Grab this case, a drink and hit the poolside.

Cute Palm Trees Phone Case

2: Pastel Palm Leaves Phone Case

Making it to number 2 in our list of the 5 Best Palm phone cases is this gorgeous Pastel Palm Leaves phone case. We love the pastel colour palette and warm tones in this design.

Pastel Palm Leaves Phone Case

1: Luscious Palm Leaves Phone Case

Grabbing the top spot is Luscious Palm Leaves Phone Case. Incorporating a traditional style for the Palm phone case and featuring a deep rich green on a minimal, clean white background, we had to make this our winner.

Luscious Palm Leaves Phone Case



Navigating all these leaves to find your favourite palm style case can seem a bit daunting but thankfully there is room for more than one palm case in anyones collection. We advise grabbing a classic for the summer days and then dropping something a bit spicier on those sundowner evenings.

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